Some Secrets to Be Fluent in Speaking English

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English is known as the most popular language in the world. That's why there are more and more people wanting to learn how to speak it fluently, for business or private reasons. The thing is the way of approaching.


Before starting to learn English you should know the right method to do it. When you know the right method everything is going to be easy, and you will finally speak English fluently.


Speaking fluently means that you speak more naturally, which means that you can do it by avoiding all the formal techniques and the useless methods.


Many students think that grammar is everything. They think that when they learn grammar, they will speak, but the truth is the opposite of that.


English grammar do not help students to speak, it just helps them to think about English. Many students stay stuck to this idea just because that they do not know the truth.


Memorizing word lists is also like grammar. If you memorize word lists, maybe you will never speak. Whenever you want to speak, you will start to think which word should you use and which word you should not use and finally you can not use any word just because you made your English vocabulary list by memorizing word lists.


If you think that speaking English can be done just reading some textbooks, I think that you will never speak English, because the rule is very simple: reading helps you with the writing skills. Listening will help you with the speaking skills.


Yes, listening is everything if you want to improve your English fluency. When you listen to English you will improve the way you speak, it helps you to speak without thinking. It also helps you to improve your pronunciation in English.


Listening can also improve your grammar, many students do not believe it but it is the truth.


A child of six years old can speak English very well, with a clear pronunciation and with correct English grammar, and this without studying English grammar and without memorizing word lists.


If you want to speak English fluently, forget about English grammar and word lists and focus only on listening to real English conversations.


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Some Secrets to Be Fluent in Speaking English

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  • comment_image

    Olga- 2012/11/02 21:46:37 pm

    Same old anti-grammar point! Grammar is the only thing that can help make sentences from the chaos of words. And I’m sick and tired of all those “children speaking English without grammar” misconceptions. What kind of children exactly? Those born and parented in an English-speaking country? Do you really think that a 6-year-old Russian kid can speak English correctly without learning any grammar or words? And what will those native speakers speak like if they don’t learn any grammar at school? Like uneducated rednecks? And how many “real English conversation” podcasts do I have to listen to until I can speak English fluently? Like a million? I don’t think I have enough time and health. And plus, you have to have a huge talent at analysis to be able to pick up grammatical structures to use from those podcasts. Cause, again, it’s the same old cycle: you’re gonna come across the grammar thing all over again.

  • comment_image

    Phinx- 2010/12/20 16:11:53 pm

    i agree with that kind of method, because before i couldn't speak English, but when i used that kind of method in just 3 month's i was able to speak English easily and naturally. So all of you out there who has been read my comments, you better follow that kind of lesson, i guarantee 101% you can speak English automatically without thinking. So good luck.

This article was published on 2010/08/31