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Ireland is renowned throughout the world for having excellent universities and is increasingly becoming a viable location for people interested in Learning English in Dublin. Whether you have just graduated from High School or have been working for a few years the 'friendly city' provides ample opportunities to learn and improve your English.

The best way to learn English is to immerse yourself in an English-speaking culture while taking English classes. Professional Language School teachers understand how English sentences are formed and teach to these techniques while expanding on your vocabulary. Living in an English-speaking city increases your opportunities to practise what you learn in social situations

Another popular way to learn English is to work as an Au Pair to an English-speaking family or to find part-time work placement while you study English. Most language schools will be able to help you apply for a combined Study/ Work Visa so that you can continue to earn some money while you study. Learning English in this way is less expensive than a full time course (sometimes called a "Gap year").  It may however take you longer to master the English language if you do not make an effort to integrate.  A lot depends on the amount of interaction you will have in your working situation with adult English speakers. 

Taking an internship in an English company does have the advantage of helping you to learn English in a business context. English is a truly global language and it has become the primary language in business so to learn English is a skill which literally opens up a world of opportunities for students.

Why Dublin?

Most students like the easy-going nature of the local population and of course for those who are budget conscious, the discount airlines offering cheap flights from multiple locations make for easy access and a great base to travel Europe. Also the poor economy has a bright side - accommodation and food prices have dropped considerably and its relatively easy now to stay right in the city centre  - where Irish pubs still offer some of the best hospitality in the world.

The most popular forms of socialising for students take place in the 1000's of Clubs and Pubs in Dublin city. Alternatively you could try out your new English speaking skills at one of the many markets, sports centres and tourist attractions to be found in the area.

Whichever way you choose to learn English it is a good idea to do your research thoroughly. When choosing a language school or English classes try to find out what people who have done the course have to say about the learning institute. In fact if you are choosing a language school in Dublin, it's important to look for one based in the city centre, as public transport from the suburbs is less reliable and consistent.

The last piece of advice on learning English in Dublin would be to deal with companies that have been in the business of teaching English for at least five years. The experience and reliability of your hosting school can make the difference between and unforgettable happy experience and a weak experience.

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Learning English in Dublin

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This article was published on 2010/11/29