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Use this page as a starting page to improve your English. English tenses and important grammar rules are explained with follow-up quizzes. Other resources will help you build your vocabulary and practice your English with reading, listening comprehension and practice speaking dialogues. If you are taking an advanced level test, you will also find resources to help you pass these exams.

  1. Verb Forms and Tenses
  2. Verb Forms and Tenses - Quizzes
  3. Important Rules
  4. English Grammar Building Blocks
  5. Review Quizzes
  6. Strategies
  7. Vocabulary Lists and Reference
  8. Idioms and Expressions Quizzes
  1. Business English
  2. Reading Skills and Comprehension
  3. Listening Skills and Comprehension
  4. Writing in English
  5. Speaking and Pronunciation
  6. Learning Products
  7. English Tests - TOEFL, IELTS and Cambridge Exams

Verb Forms and Tenses

Correct conjugation and verb form use forms the basis of effective communication in English. These study sheets will help you review basic tense forms and understand more advanced tenses and forms.

  • Verb Structures and Patterns
  • English Verb Resources
  • English Tense Resources
  • English Tenses Overview Chart
  • Present Tenses Review
  • Past Tenses Review
  • Future Tenses Review
  • Time Expressions and Tenses
  • Example Sentences in All Tenses
  • Forming Modals
  • Conditionals
  • Passive Voice Reference

Verb Forms and Tenses - Quizzes

These verb forms and tenses quizzes will help you test your knowledge of correct verb conjugation in English. Most of the interactive quizzes provide feedback and scoring, as well as follow-up information if you need to review.

  • Past Tense Forms Review Quiz
  • Simple Past or Present Perfect Review Quiz
  • Future Tense Forms Review Quiz
  • Present Perfect or Present Perfect Continuous
  • Advanced Tense Identification
  • Passives Quiz - Active to Passive Voice
  • Conditional Forms Quiz

Important Rules

These important rules provide help on avoiding some of the most common mistakes in English including capitalization and punctuation. The guide to common mistakes in English focuses on 10 problems that non-native and native speakers often face.

  • Common Mistakes in English
  • Capitalization Rules
  • English Punctuation Rules
  • English Contractions
  • Article Usage

English Grammar Building Blocks

These important grammar points focus on providing descriptive information, as well as linking your thoughts in writing and speaking. They also deal with word placement and sentence structure in order to help you communicate clearly in English.

  • Adjectives or Adverb?
  • Adjective Placement
  • Adverbs of Frequency
  • Adverb Clauses Overview
  • Gerund Or Infinitive Learning Tool
  • Adjective Preposition Combinations
  • Paired Conjunctions - both - and, not only - but also, etc.
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